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Are You Cursed or Is it Bad Karma?

Are Things Going Wrong for a Reason?

Believing in curses or being under a dark cloud/having bad karma makes life easier. After all, it implies that we have absolutely no control over what happens to us and that anything bad or negative came from an outside source that we are equally as powerless over.

Personally, I don’t believe in curses, bad omens or karma. No, I do not believe that any current struggles are caused by something I did 10 lifetimes ago. And because I don’t buy into it, it doesn’t create more of it!

I believe that my mind creates my reality. My life circumstances are almost always in direct correlation to the headspace I am in. When I look back at miserable times as an adult, I can tell you exactly how my actions contributed to, or made them happen. So yes, we do create reality. We usually do create our circumstances and our possibilities or lack thereof.

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