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5 Books to Help You Reach Your Psychic Potential

Many people in society these days believe in the work of psychics, mediums, and clairvoyants. This is the reason those psychic consultations you see the number for on television are racking in the money. There is no need to spend the money talking to one of these psychics when you can learn how to tap into your own psychic powers (we all have them, we just aren’t aware of it) through reading and educating yourself in the art of becoming a psychic yourself.

If you have ever had “a feeling” or premonition that something is doing to happen and it turns out that it did then you are a perfect candidate for tapping into and learning how to make use of your psychic abilities. Below is a list of reading materials designed to help you do just that. These are the top 5 psychic books available in print.

1.  Psychic Development For Beginners

by William W Hewitt

This book starts at the very fundamentals and teaches readers how to develop their own psychic abilities to accomplish a range of different day to day tasks. It also has 44 fun activities and a variety of case studies to help you along your journey. This book can teach you some basic psychic powers that include: clairvoyance, telepathy, psychic healing, psychometry, communicating with animals and spiritual entities and more.

2. So You Want to be a Medium?

by Rose Vanden Eynden

If you have ever been interested in medium readings then this book could be just for you. In this book the author demonstrates how to enhance one’s spiritual senses for working between worlds. The author teaches readers how to communicate with other worlds through practices in meditation, breathing, relaxation, dream works, and many other unique techniques.

 3. Learning the Tarot: A Book for Beginners

by Joan Bunning

This book is a great way to teach yourself how to determine the future. It is centered around the use of tarot cards to predict valuable information that could help shape the future. In this book the author describes the fundamental elements associated with the deck of tarot cards and how set up the cards for a tarot card reading. They are fairly simple to learn and remember the relationship of the cards. The author helps by providing some basic instruction on interpretations.

4. The Psychic Pathway: A Workbook for Reawakening

by Sonja Choquette

This book is a great tool for aspiring medium readers and psychic readers because it provides the readers with a personal workbook to do activities and step-by-step learning while developing your innate sense of intuition and enhancing your natural ability to tap into your spiritual self. It provides a wonderful way of personal growth as a human being and highly effective step-by-step strategies for tapping into your resources.

 5. Ask a Medium

by Rose Vanden Eynden

In this book the author answers readers questions in a FAQ type format gathered from questions she is asked by people on a daily basis. She basically took all the questions people are so concerned with knowing about her skills decided to address them all at once in the FAQ book about what she does as a medium.