Psychic Source Review


Favorite Features: High Quality Psychics, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Editor’s Note: Our highest recommendation!


We are proud to offer Psychic Source our highest rating.  You can certainly find a quality psychic experience elsewhere, but no one else achieves the same mixture of know-how and helpfulness.  Psychic Source offers professional, knowledgeable psychics, the information and choices to help you make the right choices, and unmatched customer service.

Special Offer

If you visit Psychic Source from Online Psychic Finder, you will receive a special introductory offer of 10 minutes for only $5.

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Psychic Reading Review

So, now for the most important questions – how good are the psychics?  Did the readings satisfy our needs?

The editors of this website were impressed by the knowledge, thoughtfulness, and accuracy of the psychics that we spoke to.  Psychic Source is very picky about the psychics that it hires – we’ve heard estimates that range from 5-10% of all applicants – and this selectiveness shows.  Our psychics knew exactly how to help us and more importantly made us feel calm and at ease.

Will Psychic Source match your personal needs?  Though it’s impossible to say for sure, they offer a wealth of choices including the ability to choose a psychic by specialty, expertise, and reading style, so you can tailor your reading to fulfill your desires.  Even better, all of the psychic reading options are clearly laid out so that even a total beginner can understand.

Our favorite Psychic Source options include:

-Career psychics
-Love psychics
-Past life interpretations
-Compassionate and thoughtful reading styles

Special Features

We love Psychic Source’s special features and rate them the most complete of all major psychic networks.  These features include free horoscopes, phone readings, chat readings, and a satisfaction guarantee.

Customer Service

You already know that Psychic Source has our favorite psychics.  If it’s even possible, we are even more impressed by their customer service.  Since the company’s founding in 1989, Psychic Source has distinguished itself by treating customers with kindness and respect.  The customer service department is known as Customer Care, and the Customer Care professionals:

-Are not outsourced
-Available 24/7
-Offer guidance in choosing the right psychic
-Clearly explain account features
-Cheerfully solve any problem you may encounter

Customer care will also help you with Psychic Source’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you’re not satisfied with your psychic reading, you will be taken care of!


Our editors found Psychic Source’s website the simplest to use of all the major psychic networks.  As mentioned above, it is easy to find the right psychic based on specialty, customer ratings, and availability.  You will easily find reviews, biographies, and schedules for all of Psychic Source’s psychics.


We give Psychic Source our strongest recommendation.  Choosing the right psychic is challenging and personal, and you simply need the quality psychics, variety of options, and helpful customer service that Psychic Source provides.  If you turn to them for your psychic reading needs, we’re confident that you’ll agree.

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