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With a sleek and stylish looking website Psychic Live offers a top of the range experience in live video chat services with psychic advisors around the world.

Types of Readings and Services

Live web cam chats are provided with the option for customers to remain anonymous. For those wishing to fully engage in the cam-to-cam experience suitable microphones and web camera equipment is needed.

Services are available worldwide.

The skills, tools and subjects covered by their psychic team are clearly listed and marked with quirky symbols on the right hand side of the site.

An extensive range of subjects is covered including: Love and Relationships, Past Lives, Career and Work, Pets and Animals, Deceased Loved Ones, Money and Finances, Destiny and Life Path as well as Kids and Families.

Tools such as Tarot, Astrology, Crystals, Oracle Cards, Runes, Pendulum and the I-Ching are used and the advisors have a wide variety of skills such as: Mediumship, Clairvoyancy, Channeling, Empath, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Dream Analysis, Remote Viewing and Automatic Writing.

Choosing a Psychic Advisor

With180 psychic advisors to choose from, Psychics Live states there will always be at least one psychic online at any given time. However there have been a few occasions where no advisors have been logged in.

The psychic directory features thumbnail photographs of each advisor with a star rating out of 5, star sign, years of experience and a short sentence of introduction. It is also possible to narrow down a search by using the list of tools, skills and subjects on the right hand side of the site. Unfortunately there is no way to search for an advisor based on their per-minute rate.

When advisors are available their profile is either blue or green.

If an advisor is offline their profile is grey but users are given the option to schedule a session for a later time. However, when an advisor is offline their per-minute rate is no longer visible. This creates problems for those who want to book an appointment with a particular advisor but who may be trying to stay within a budget.

By clicking on a profile visitors are taken through to a more detailed page, which includes a biography, customer reviews and a list of tools, skills and subjects covered. A few psychics have also added short video introductions as well as personalized chat schedules that give details about when they are online.

Many of the advisors also write articles for the Psychics Live News page. Quick links to these articles are provided on their profiles as well as on the News page.

Customers are encouraged to leave feedback about their experience and each profile has a quick link to an online email form.

Currently there are quite a large proportion of advisors, just slightly under half, who have no reviews at all. The majority of those who do have reviews have the maximum 5 stars, however there are a few comments from customers unhappy with the service they received. What is puzzling is that lower reviews don’t seem to make any impact on the 5-star rating, so a quick glance would suggest all is well.

Scheduling a Reading

If your chosen advisor is busy then it’s possible to schedule a reading for a later time. Users have the option to click a ‘Schedule a Session’ link, which emails the reader directly. There is also an option to be emailed when the advisor logs in.

Not every advisor has an online schedule, which can be frustrating. For those that do have one, they come with a convenient drop-down, time zone menu. Using this feature will automatically adjust the psychic’s hours to the appropriate time zone.

Even after scheduling an appointment there is still no indication of cost-per-minute. This means visitors may be committing themselves to a reading that is more expensive then they intended, although they can stop the reading at any time. The lack of clarity around cost can put some people off, and make what is meant to be an enlightening and positive experience a stressful one.

Pricing and Payment Options

Readings cost between 10 – 60 credits per minute. According to information on the site 10 credits is worth approximately $1.00.

Payments are accepted by the following methods: Visa, MasterCard, JCB Cards or Online Checks.

It is possible to register with the site for free using only an email address, but to book readings and take advantage of the 50 free credit offer valid credit card details much be provided.

Special Offers and Freebies

A one-time discount package of 50 credits is available for all new members who register with a valid credit card.

Free psychic chat rooms are available throughout the day, but this does depend on readers logging in. Anyone is able to join in but these are not sessions where specific questions are answered in detail. This is an opportunity to get to know the individual psychic a bit better before purchasing a full reading with them.

There is a section covering Astrology and another section for Horoscopes, however both sections have exactly the same information displayed in different ways. Details are given for each star sign including both positive and negative traits as well as compatibility with other star signs. There is also a daily horoscope, tomorrow’s horoscope plus a weekly and monthly forecast. A free compatibility calculator for the different astrological sign provides fun and lighthearted entertainment.

Forums can be of great benefit to psychic sites, providing a safe place for discussion, queries and sharing positive stories. Although Psychic Live does have a Forums section there is only one category to post under: General Psychic Discussions.  A few people have posted questions but while some advisors are happy to give some general support others have refused. It also doesn’t appear to be monitored by anyone as some posts are at least 4 days old and have had no reply or acknowledgment. Instead of creating a community feeling it is simply a wasted resource.

There is also an events calendar at the bottom of the site listing psychic classes, events and talks around the world. This is another great way to promote an online sense of community, however nothing has been posted since the start of June 2012, and it feels as though this idea has been abandoned.

Psychic Screening Process

A Psychic Jobs link is permanently visible at the bottom of the site. Although there is a list of qualifications that potential advisors must be experienced and accurate in including; Tarot Cards, Clairvoyance, Palm reading, Numerology, Mediumship and Astrology no information is given about screening or testing methods.

Support and Customer Care

Information on how to contact customer support is easy to find. There is a permanent link for Customer Support at the bottom of the site that takes users to a dedicated support page.

Help is available 24-hours a day, 365-days a year via phone and email.

A toll-free number is provided for the US and there is another number for International customers, although this doesn’t appear to be toll-free.

A postal address and a submit help request email template are also given.

Overall Impression

Despite the overall slickness in the appearance of the site there is a general feeling of it being more style over substance. Although it is easy to navigate and it has some fun and playful elements, the repetition of information on the Horoscope and Astrology Page leaves me feeling as though they needed to ‘fill space’.

It also raises questions as to why so many of their advisors have no reviews and why features such as the calendar and forum are a part of the service if they are not being monitored and promoted properly.

All in all it has great potential but more thought needs to be given on how to better connect with their customers.

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