Psychic FAQ

What is a psychic?

A psychic is someone highly sensitive to energies beyond the normal range of perception.

Do all psychics work the same way?

No. Psychics work in many different ways. For example:

  • Empaths/Intuitives: sense feelings and emotions around a person or situation.
  • Clairvoyants: have clear visions or dreams.
  • Clairsentients: sense ‘energies’ in a powerful and direct way.
  • Clairaudients: pick up messages through sound.
  • Pet psychics: tune into animal energies.
  • Divination/Diviners: use tools such as Tarot Cards, Runes or the Pendulum to ‘predict the future’.
  • Psychometrists: connect with psychic impressions or vibrations left on objects.
  • Mediumship/Mediums: connect with those who have passed over.

Can psychics work in more than one way?

Yes. Most psychics have one, primary ability but many are skilled in other areas as well. For example a Medium may also be Clairsentient and Clairaudient.

What are psychic tools?

Some psychics use tools such as Tarot or Oracle cards, Crystals, Runes, Tealeaves, or the Pendulum in order to gain deeper insight in their readings.

Where do psychics get their information?

Many psychics meditate and attune their higher self with their client and with source energy or spirit. This creates a pathway allowing psychic energy and information to be passed on to them.

Can a psychic accurately predict the timing of an event?

Timing in any reading should be taken as a rough guide only. Any action taken or decision made by you will affect the overall timing of a situation.

Can a psychic predict illness, death or accidents?

Some psychics may be able to pick up on these things but a professional would never disclose this information. Why? Most importantly because any action you take can affect the outcome of a situation. Always remember your future is not set in stone. Good psychics focus on the positive and in guiding you on a path that is for your highest good.

Can a psychic bring my lover back to me?

No. Any psychic who claims they can make an ex lover return is a fraud.

How can you define a good psychic reading?

A good psychic reading brings clarity to a situation. You may not get the answers you were hoping for, but you should be left feeling empowered and with a deeper understanding of positive action steps to take.

Should a psychic be asking me questions?

Yes, but within reason. Some psychics need to speak with you in order to establish an energetic connection. However if you feel an unreasonable number of questions are being asked, chances are they aren’t genuine. Many psychics will check in with you during the reading to make sure they are on the right track regarding your question, and to see if you need any clarification on what they are saying.

A psychic said they saw negative energy around me. What should I do?

Ignore them. This is a common scam.

A psychic has asked me to send them money, jewelry or detailed personal information.

Don’t send them anything. A genuine psychic would never ask you to send them jewelry, detailed personal information, or money directly.

Why hasn’t my psychic’s prediction come true?

The most important thing to remember is that you have Free Will and remain in control of your own life. This means that hearing the prediction may influence the outcome, and you may need to consider taking more or less action with regards to your situation. Also keep in mind things may have changed and something even better is on the way to you.

Is it better to have a face-to-face reading rather then a reading by phone, email or text?

It all comes down to personal preference. Have your reading in the way that feels most comfortable for you. Just make sure to research any psychic before committing to paying for a reading.

Can psychics predict winning lottery numbers?

Some psychics claim to have predicted lottery numbers but as a rule this generally isn’t possible.

How often should I have a reading?

It depends on what’s going on in your life. If you are experiencing a particularly difficult time then you may benefit from more regular readings for a short period of time. Psychic readings can be extremely helpful but it’s important not to become too reliant on them.

How can I get the most out of my psychic reading?

Be open and honest. Write down a list of questions before hand and take notes during your reading. Don’t be afraid to ask the psychic for further clarification if you need it.

If the psychic tells me something I don’t like am I able to change my future?

Absolutely! Always remember you have Free Will and that your future is not set in stone. A psychic can help pinpoint specific problem areas in your life, but only you have the power to take action and make changes for the better.

Should I ‘test’ the psychic by giving them false information?

No. Giving false information will only cloud the reading and make it hard for the psychic to read your energy properly.

Can a psychic be 100% accurate?

No psychic can be 100% accurate.

Why have I received different information about the same situation from different psychics?

A reading shows your situation as it is in that given moment. As things are always changing no reading can be exactly the same. Psychics may also interpret similar information differently.

Why are some people psychic and others aren’t?

Everyone is psychic to a certain degree, although some have stronger abilities than others. Intuition is the key to psychic development but how strong that is/becomes depends very much on how much you use and trust in it.

How can I develop my intuition and psychic abilities?

Meditation is a great way to start quieting the mind so you can hear your intuition more clearly. You may also want to consider keeping a dream journal, buying some Oracle cards or joining a psychic circle.