Oranum Psychic Readings Review


Oranum was established in Poland in 2010 and has only been trading in the US since 2011. Although they are still the new kid on the block, they have already made a huge impact in the world of online psychic services.

Types of Readings and Services

Readings are done online via web chat, giving customers an exciting interactive experience. Although the readers are visible and audible via webcams and mics, the customer has the option to remain ‘anonymous’ by simply typing their questions.

Email readings are also on offer and will arrive within 48-hours.

Registering is fast and simple. All that is needed is a user name, password and email address. A valid credit card is also needed but details are not stored on their servers.

A huge variety of readings are on offer including: Love and Relationships, Home and Family, Mind and Body, Career and Business, Health and Healing, Clairvoyance, Traveling and Relocation, Dream Interpretation and Chakra Healing.

They even have a section for Palm Reading. To use this service you must upload photos of your palms.

Sadly there is a section on Rituals and Energies. One of the issues addressed is, ‘Want your lover to return?’ A good professional psychic would never make any claims about being able to make an ex come back. This is a category Oranum should consider dropping. It is open to potential abuse and can easily draw in vulnerable people.

Choosing a Psychic Advisor

Perhaps the most fascinating thing about Oranum is the ability to see live video footage of psychics at work.

With 1883 advisors currently on their site they have put a good filtering system in place to help narrow down your search. You can filter readers based on language, status, years of experience as well as through tools and abilities. Readings are offered in a wide variety of languages including: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Croatian, Polish and Hungarian.

Every advisor has their own page detailing their price, language, experience, rating, whether they offer email readings and how many people they have helped. They also have a longer biography section but the faint black type on a lilac background make reading difficult.

There are customer reviews and it’s good to see a mix of positive, mediocre and the very occasional poor review. This gives the rating system a realistic balance.

Scheduling a Reading

There doesn’t seem to be a way of scheduling a reading, but you can be notified when your preferred psychic comes online.

Every advisor has an online schedule but most of the ones I looked at hadn’t been filled in.

Pricing and Payment Options

Oranum deals solely with credit packages ranging from 19.99 to 99.99 credits. It seems 1 credit is equal to 1 USD or 1 Euro depending on the location of the customer, but this information isn’t entirely clear.

The have a safe online payment system with Visa, MasterCard and other major payment options being accepted.

Prices for email readings seem to be a standard 14.99 credits, while the cost of web chat readings ranges from .99 to 5.99 credits.

Special Offers and Freebies

Oranum is proud to be the first online psychic community offering free web chat readings. This gives customers a unique opportunity to fully connect with advisors before parting with any money.

The site has a fun, interactive games section where you can get mini readings for free. There is a good selection to choose from including: 3-card spread, Cartouche, lucky number generator and a crystal ball that gives inspiring quotes.

The horoscope section is extensive and includes: Aztec, Mayan, Chinese and Western Horoscopes. The Western Horoscopes also have added sections on: General, Love, Money, Mom and Baby, Teen, Pet, Food and Wellness.

Their new ‘Community’ section is perfect for anyone wanting to network and connect with likeminded people.

Psychic Screening Process

There was no evidence of any type of screening process for advisors other then a 4-step registration process. This process involved submitting valid information including a Skype account. A live interview via Skype is arranged to complete final registration.

Applicants are then given the chance to upload personal information for their profile. Once everything is submitted a recruitment representative gets in touch within 48-hours via Skype to cover Oranum’s policies, answer questions and verify the technical side of things. Nowhere in this registration process is any mention made of needing to have genuine psychic ability.

Support and Customer Care

Oranum offers a money back guarantee for anyone unhappy with a reading. There is also help for those who may be experiencing technical difficulties. In both cases a   pop up web/email box is provided for customers to write their complaint or query in.

Billing related questions seem to be dealt with separately. There is the option to fill out another web/email form but toll free numbers for countries around the globe are also provided and support is available 24/7.

The FAQ section is also fairly comprehensive.

Overall Impression

The psychic screening process needs to be addressed and services based around ritual work should be scrapped. Fortunately the free web chats are a good way to find an advisor that’s right for you.

All in all, the site has some fun features and the interactive element is a huge draw.