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LivePerson is one of the most comprehensive psychic service web sites on the Internet. Designed to provide a platform for people to communicate with a wide variety of psychics, there are a plethora of experts available on virtually every issue or topic. The site provides various sections and search functions for clients to find an appropriate psychic reader and adviser.

Psychic Quality

LivePerson includes professional psychics who have an extensive array of qualifications and specialties. For example, there are professionals who specialize in:

*Past life regression
*Spiritual guidance

There are psychics with many years of experience, as well as more recent professionals to choose from. There are also quite a few very well-known psychics available on the service. Most of those individuals have joined the site since it is considered the most popular site of its type. For example, here are a just few of the more experienced psychics to choose from, whose reputations in the new-age community speak for themselves:

*David James
*Master Enigma
*Mystic Sandra

Chat Sessions

After choosing a psychic, chat sessions are arranged through the IM windows program. This is a one on one, direct communication in real time. This method is often considered more authentic, because there are no physical references to influence what information is transmitted.

Types of Psychic Readings

LivePerson offers every conceivable topic or issue that anyone might consider. For example:

*General personal life
*Stock market
*Spiritual path
*Past lives

The site features every kind of psychic professional available. For example, in addition to tarot and astrology, there are clairvoyants and mediums who can offer insight and advice on virtually any topic.

Customer Service

The customer service policy is that the initial communication with a psychic is provided free of charge. This offers the opportunity for people to see if they really connect with the psychic, before making a further commitment.

The interactive process is designed to offer each client with the chance to determine whether a psychic could adequately address the client’s concerns. It is always up to the discretion of the client on whether to engage a particular psychic.

After each service, an online invoice is generated. If the service was found to be satisfactory, clients may execute payment confirmation. Each expert is rated at that time, after which the session is closed.

If the client is unsatisfied with their service, they have the opportunity to press on the contest fee link to ask for clarification. Once the issue is resolved, another invoice is issued. If the service is not reflected accurately in the invoice or is still unsatisfactory, clients may refuse payment.

Website Experience

One great advantage to the LivePerson psychic service is the way that the website is designed. Developed to be very user-friendly, new visitors can easily navigate the site. Every image can be clicked to provide further information. The photos make finding what users are looking for much easier than a large textual display.

Reviews are listed directly below each psychic profile, so that they may be seen without having to hunt around the site. Photos are also provided. Clients may choose which types of psychics to view, such as those who are currently available or who specialize in a certain area. It is often possible to chat immediately, in many cases. Those who are busy may receive emails and some offer a direct, live call feature.

There is also a convenient place to post a query if you have a certain and very specific issue to cover. This allows for psychics to communicate with you about their expertise before chatting with them.