Hollywood Psychics Review


Hollywood Psychics bills itself as a hip psychic hotline in tune with your needs. There is a real focus placed on being in with the cool crowd when you join their site. It certainly has a different approach to other online sites, which may not appeal to everyone.

Types of Readings and Services

Phone and web chat readings are available. The web chat is typing only, with no audio or visual options available.

Categories covered include: Relationships and Sex, Family and Friends, Work and Money and Mind Body, Spirit. Each category has a page with a brief explanation of how a focused reading on that specific topic could benefit you. There are also helpful links to articles and psychic advisors specializing in those topics.

In order to use the service you must first register for the site, which involves adding your credit card details.

Choosing a Psychic Advisor

The site boasts a detailed directory of the 182 psychics currently online. It is possible to filter your search according to the reading style you feel drawn to such as: Wise, Direct, Compassionate, Expressive and Thoughtful.

Tools on offer include: Astrology, Crystal Readings, Numerology, Rune Stones, Spirit Guides and Tarot. You can also filter through psychic gifts like: Clairsentience, Clairvoyancy, Dream Interpretation, Past Lives, Pet Psychics, Empath, Mediumship and Finding Lost Objects. Of course each advisor will also have their own area of interest and ability such as Work and Money problems.

Each reader has a star rating plus short bio with social media links for anyone who wishes to share. Style and abilities are also listed under their photo for quick scanning. All the information you need to make your choice is easily accessible and clear to see.

A Featured Psychic section is handy and at the bottom of the page you can see profiles of advisors you have recently viewed. It’s a great way to keep track of psychics you have seen.

There are audio clips so you can listen to the readers but some are muffled and hard to understand.

Scheduling a Reading

Although there are schedules on each profile page it doesn’t seem possible at the moment to actually book a reading. This could be frustrating for some users particularly if their chosen advisor is popular. However, there is an option to sign up for email alerts that notify you when your preferred psychic is online.

Pricing and Payment Options

At the moment payment is accepted via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

It is possible to pay with Western Union or Money Gram but these options incur an additional wiring fee. Payment via Money Order is also possible but the minimum amount is $10.00 and you must allow 2 weeks for them to receive payment.

Readings range in price from $2.95 to $4.95 but at the moment every reader is available for $1.00 per minute

Special Offers and Freebies

When you become a Hollywood Psychics member you are offered a free email reading, which arrives within 48-hours. The reading is short and to the point, but not bad for a freebie.

There are options for free daily horoscopes either by email or you can simply look at the horoscope section on the main website.

At the moment there is a special low introductory rate for first-time customers of $1.00 per-minute, which seems to apply to all their psychic advisors.

A Bonus Dollar scheme can increase your account balance and help extend readings. This is a free scheme to join and members will be notified of special promotions and offers by email.

Psychic Screening Process

Authentic psychic readings are guaranteed. Hollywood Psychics screen every applicant carefully. Potential candidates must provide a reading for one of the psychics already working for the company. Customers also play a role in screening the new readers.

Customer reviews contain both positive and negative feedback, which is always good to see. All feedback and star ratings are reviewed and added to the site as quickly as possible.

Support and Customer Care

Support is given 24/7 with both an email address and toll-free telephone number provided.  International customers are also directed to special toll-free numbers. An easy click button at the top right of the main page takes you directly to a customer care page.

If you are unhappy with your reading they will either refund you or give you back the time to try a different psychic. This must be done within 1-day of your reading. Many online psychic websites offer a refund, but only of time. It is rare for a company to actually offer a money-back guarantee, which shows this is a company that has faith in their expert readers.

Overall Impression

It’s an easy site to navigate but the tone is perhaps a bit too light-hearted. Someone struggling through a difficult situation may want a site that feels more serious rather then a site that oozes with coolness. All in all, it seems great value for money and the experienced psychics cover a wide range of topics.