Create Abundance During the Holidays

By Aries

Manifesting Abundance

As the holiday season nears, we are often strongly reminded of our less-than-satisfactory financial situations. Heating bills, gifts, travel and decreased revenue can often lead to tough times during the gift-giving season. What a perfect time to work on your own ability to manifest abundance!

Money is just an energy. It is neither positive nor negative. However, our personal relationship to money does strongly effects our ability to have it. Many of us say “I don’t have enough” or “I need more,” while simultaneously holding onto a believe pattern that also states things like “Money is evil,” “I don’t have money because they do,” “I only deserve money if I work really hard,” “I don’t deserve to be wealthy” or “People with money are _______” (insert negative descriptor).

Practice changing the way you think and speak about money. It may take time, but lets first begin with acknowledging that money is one form of abundance. Where do you let abundance flow into your life? Second, allow yourself to change how you speak about money. Start making “I have” and “I want” statements in exchange for “I lack” statements. By changing your energy around money from one of lack to one of abundance, you naturally draw more opportunities and abundance into you life.

Here are some fun exercises to try out your magical manifestation skills:

• Create an Abundance Altar

Find a small or large place in your home to dedicate to abundance and wealth in your life. Cover it with a green or gold cloth and fill it with things that represent abundance. Here are some ideas: fresh flowers or a small houseplant, green candles, seashells, a $100 bill, a picture of someone who’s abundance inspires you, a bowl of coins, and a gemstone of jade or citrine. I also suggest finding pictures or representations things you want to manifest with your money and abundance such as a new home, a trip to Europe, a debt-free life, etc.

• Pay it Forward

Find a way to let your money create a random act of kindness. A little can go a long way. Pay the bridge toll for the car behind you. Leave $1 in a book at the library with a note for the lucky finder. Tape a bag of quarters with a note to the washer at the laundry mill. Be creative. This can get really fun!

• Positive Bill Paying

Most bills are a drag to pay. They often leave us worried, stressed or just plain annoyed. Next time you find yourself worried while trying to write a check, stop and imagine the good things that come from paying that bill. This is an exercise in changing your emotional state from lack to gratitude and abundance. Imagine what if feels like to be toasty and warm when you pay that heating bill. Imagine the freedom you feel on a road trip when you pay your car insurance. Imagine strangers tables with food to eat because paying that bill helps keep someone on the other end employed. Once you have changed how you feel about the bill you can pay it with entirely new energy.

• Imagine What it Feels Like

Take five minutes a day to imagine what it feels like to have wealth and abundance. This is a practice in both imagery and feeling. When we align our emotional field with our goals, they can come to us more quickly. Imagine the feeling of taking your friends our to a great dinner and footing the bill with no anxiety. Imagine the feeling of owning your own home. Imagine the feeling of starting that business you’ve always dreamed of. This also works with smaller things you want. See a coat you can’t afford? Instead of focusing on the feeling of “not having,” imagine yourself walking through the wintry streets wrapped in the beautiful coat with people complimenting you left and right. Let your imagination run wild. It’s here to support you in your powerful ability to manifest and create.

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