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5 Most Haunted Houses In America

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1. LaLaurie House, New Orleans, LA

Built in 1832 and owned by socialite Madame Delphine LaLaurie and her husband, Dr. Louis LaLaurie, the house was the reported setting for vicious cruelty against the couple’s slaves. In April, 1834, a fire broke out in the LaLaurie residence on Royal Street, starting in the kitchen. When the police and fire marshals got there, they found a seventy-year-old woman, the cook, chained to the stove by her ankle. She later confessed to them that she had set the fire as a suicide attempt for fear of her punishment, being taken to the uppermost room, because she said “Anyone who had been taken there, never came back.” As reported in the New Orleans Bee of April 11, 1834, bystanders responding to the fire attempted to enter the slave quarters. The bystanders broke down the doors to the slave quarters and found seven slaves in various states of mutilation – suspended by the neck, with their limbs apparently stretched and torn from one extremity to the other.

At one point actor Nicolas Cage owned the home, and while he said he never saw any ghosts, he too felt the curse of the home; losing the property to foreclosure in 2009.


2. Winchester House, San Jose, CA

The residence of Sarah Winchester, widow of gun magnate William Winchester, this house was under continuous construction from 1884 until Sarah’s death in 1922. The 38 years worth of round-the-clock construction cost an estimated $5.5 milllion (over $70 million today).  The result: a maze-like structure that includes twisting and turning hallways, dead ends, secret panels, a window built into a floor, staircases leading to nowhere, doors that open to walls, upside-down columns and rooms built, then intentionally closed off – all to ward off and confuse the spirits that had fallen to her husband’s invention.

3. 108 Ocean Drive, Amityville, NY

In December 1975, the Lutz family moved into 112 Ocean Avenue, a large Dutch Colonial house in Amityville, a suburban neighborhood located on the south shore of Long Island, New York. Thirteen months before the Lutzes moved in, Ronald DeFeo, Jr. had shot and killed six members of his family at the house. After 28 days, the Lutzes left the house, claiming to have been terrorized by paranormal phenomena while living there. In 1977 Jay Anson would publish a book based on the Lutz’ experience. Some of the paranormal activity mentioned in the book include swarms of flies in mid winter, levitation, vivid nightmares, and hidden rooms stained red.

The five bedroom Dutch Colonial was listed by Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International Realty for $1.15 million in 2010.

4. Franklin Castle, Cleveland, OH

Franklin Castle through the years

Unlike the previous three haunted homes on this list, Franklin Castle actually looks the part. Built in 1865 for German immigrant Hannes Tiedemann, the castle saw the death’s of Tiedemann’s mother as well as four of his children within a three year period. The nature of the deaths gave rise to rumors of various crimes committed in the house by Tiedemann. The home is rumored to have a variety of hidden rooms and passages that were used for bootlegging during prohibition.

The gothic-style castle was sold in 2010 for $260,000 to Oh Dear! Productions. The company has plans to turn the property into a 3-family home.

5. The White House, Washington, DC

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue might be the most famous address in the United States. It’s also reportedly home to a veritable who’s-who of ghostly spirits including Abigail Adams, Dolly Madison, Abe Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, William Henry Harrison, and a British soldier from the War of 1812. Lincoln has been the White House’s most social ghostly figure. Mrs. Coolidge reported seeing the ghost of Lincoln staring out of the Oval Office window on several occasions and a young clerk once claimed he saw Lincoln sitting on a bed pulling off his boots.


Preparing for a new family member before his or her arrival

Once you and your loved one learn that you have a little one on the way, there is a certain amount of preparation that needs to be done to make sure you’re ready for a newborn in your home.

First, make a checklist of the items you need to take care of your child once you return from the hospital. This list will contain everything from diapers to clothing – the expenses will add up quickly, but it’s a small price to pay for your little bundle of joy.

Next, prepare you and your family for the baby. This might mean attending birthing classes or safety courses on how to keep your child safe in the first months of his or her life, according to SutterHealth.org. The more you know, the lower your risk of running into any incidents during this special time in your lives.

Finally, speak to your phone psychic if you’re still having doubts about your skills as a parent. As they say, there is no instruction manual that comes with parenting, but doing your best to educate yourself beforehand can help. A tarot reading can help you gain insight into how you can make your new family member comfortable in the future.

The Pros and Cons of Using an Online Psychic


Traditionally, psychic advisors would work face-to-face with their clients. Readings would be carried out in the client’s home, new age stores, or other suitable premises. Many still prefer to work in this way, but the advent of technology has given rise to countless online services that enable psychics to reach a global audience. For clients, help and guidance are literally just a click away, but do the benefits outweigh the risks when you use an online psychic?

The Pros:

  • Perhaps the most obvious advantage of using an online psychic service is the ability to have a reading done from the comfort of your home. Rather then having to search for an address and organize transportation, you only need to travel as far as your computer or telephone.
  • Psychics understand the importance of making clients feel welcome as well as creating a personal ambiance that helps to open pathways to ethereal realms. However, not everyone enjoys the smell of incense or sitting in a darkened room. Remaining in control of your environment can assist the reading by promoting stronger feelings of relaxation.
  •  Psychics offering face-to-face readings often have long waiting lists. Although their popularity may seem like a high selling point, fighting to fit into their schedule can be frustrating, especially if the times available are not convenient for you. There may be issues with childcare, getting time of work, or your situation requires urgent guidance. Online psychic advisors are available 24-hours a day usually with no waiting time.
  • There tends to be much more variety online when it comes to psychic readings. Look at any website and you will see advisors specializing in services such as; Angel Readings, Dream Interpretation, finding lost items or contacting loved ones who have passed over. Taking the time to browse through psychic profiles and explore areas of speciality will ensure your reading is specifically suited to you and your situation.
  •  Many websites now offer the chance to have a free brief trial call. This is a great way to make sure you and your advisor have a connection before you commit to paying for an entire session.
  •  The anonymity of using online psychics is also very appealing. With no concern about being recognized it is easier to be more open and honest about the challenges you are going through.

The Cons:

  • The downside of having a reading at home is being able to guarantee you won’t be interrupted. Whether it’s the postman or a friend dropping by to catch up, unexpected visitors will disrupt your experience.
  •  It’s important to keep a healthy and balanced relationship when working with any psychic. The convenience of being able to have a reading on your own terms can lead some people to rely too heavily on psychic advisors. Of course if you are going through a difficult time, additional support can be beneficial but speaking to psychics should never become a part of your daily routine. It is unnecessary and can be both emotionally and financially detrimental.
  •  Technology is wonderful but every so often it can let you down. Poor Internet connections, and dodgy, crackling phone lines, are potential hazards when having an online reading. Before you pay for a reading it’s good practice to read through the Terms and Conditions of your chosen site. Find out if they have a money back guarantee especially in case of technical faults.
  •  Occasionally you may experience some difficulty with understanding certain psychics over the phone, especially if they have a thick accent or speak quietly. Having to constantly ask them to repeat themselves is a waste of time, disruptive to the flow of the reading, and will create stress for both of you. Once again check the website’s policies with regards to refunds.
  • Be wary that psychic advisors also share a certain level of anonymity. Take the time to thoroughly research whatever online companies you plan to use and remember never share your personal information.

Working with psychic advisors can be both helpful and rewarding, regardless of whether your reading is in person or via the World Wide Web. The most important thing is feeling comfortable with your choice. Always trust your own intuition. If something doesn’t feel right, chances are it isn’t.

10 Common Online Psychic Scams And How To Avoid Them


The Internet is a fantastic place to connect with like-minded people, explore areas of interest, and make purchases. It also offers an easily accessible lifeline, in the form of online psychic services, to those in need of extra guidance. For many, a reading with an online psychic provides a comfortable level of anonymity that allows them to open up and discuss the troubles that they are facing in more detail.

Sadly the anonymity of the Internet also provides a suitable ‘hiding place’ for unscrupulous people. There are thousands of online psychics working from large, well-established companies, to small independent websites. It is difficult to navigate through so many options, but being aware of online scams will help to steer you in the direction of high quality professional psychic advisors. These are advisors who want to work with you in a compassionate, honest and non-judgmental way.

1) If a so-called psychic claims that they can sense curses, evil spirits or negative energy around you, run the other way! This is a shameful con that preys on fear. The ‘cure’ involves regular payments, posting items of value or sharing personal details, which can be later used to steal even more money. In some cases individuals have even been told they need to provide explicit photos of themselves to assist in cleansing their energy. Yes, life can be hard and at times it may feel as though things will never get better, but evil curses do not exist. If you are going through a tough time psychic advisors can help, but they would never talk of such things and certainly would never ask you to send money, items or post photos. A true psychic will work with you in love and compassion, helping to empower you so that you can overcome your difficulties.

2) Avoid any website that sells charms, potions, talismans and spells. This is another example of how these charlatans prey on fear and anxiety. Not only are these websites disempowering, but by creating the illusion that you have no control over your own destiny, they can also repeatedly work against the ‘light workers’ code. This code clearly states that it is morally and ethically corrupt to interfere with another person’s ‘free will’. Buying a spell to make an ex lover come back is wrong. These services are not helpful nor do they work. All they do is encourage unhealthy and unrealistic expectations, while lining someone else’s pockets.

3) Don’t be swayed by psychics who claim that they can ’bring him back’ or ‘help you win money’. No matter how tempting it is to believe that they have the power to make everything ok, it simply isn’t the case. No one can solve your problems for you. The only person who can bring positive change to your life is you.

4) A good psychic advisor will not shy away from telling you if life’s road is about to get bumpy, but this is completely different from saying a terrible tragedy is just around the corner. It is all too easy to make ridiculous claims about being able to foresee death, illness and ghastly accidents. Unreliable psychics will attempt to guide you through these tricky times, roping you into a series of lengthy, nonsense calls.

5) While many reputable psychics also have successful careers in Complementary Therapy, they are not medically qualified. As such they are not able to diagnose, prescribe or cure. Stay away from any psychic or website touting health cures.

6) A scam that is easy to fall victim to is the ‘Free Personalized Reading.’ In exchange for this ‘free’ reading you must enter personal details, including your credit card information. Don’t be surprised when your card is charged after the reading. Protect your personal details at all times. Whether the reading is free or not, always read the Terms and Conditions of any website that you visit. Use only those that are payment secure, and never give out your details over the phone.

7) If you receive unsolicited emails, texts or contact information through social media websites, you should delete them, even if the sender purports to know a great deal about you. This is usually information that can be easily found online or it’s so generalized that it seems specific but isn’t.

8) Fraudulent psychics can take advantage of you by providing partial readings, and telling you to call back later for more information. This is a crafty way of roping you in and leaving you hanging. Often they will stop at a point that feels crucial, such as a big money win, accident or special message from a departed loved one. This forces you into making continuous calls on their high priced lines. A psychic that gives partial readings is only interested in your money.

9) Email and SMS/Text readings are often a less expensive option for those watching their pennies. However it’s important to know exactly what you are getting. Shady companies are more than happy sending out cut and paste jobs or generalized automatic responses. These readings are useless and a complete waste of time and money. Before purchasing anything check the website for examples of readings that you will receive.

10) Psychic advisors who engage in any type of ego-based power play should be avoided at all costs. This can include things such as saying; you’re not ready for the information they are receiving, you must leave your partner, or you need to invest your money. Their role is to help guide and support you, not pressure you into doing things that you feel uncomfortable with. Always remember that the partnership between psychic advisor and client is one of equals.