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Is There A Difference Between A Medium, Psychic, And Tarot Reader?

Looking for an expert in the psychic world can be an overwhelming experience. It’s especially difficult if you’re going through a tough time and just want a reading but don’t know what type of advisor to speak with. Take a look at any company offering psychic services and no doubt you will see Mediums, Psychics and Tarot card readers all willing to provide you with support and guidance. Is there really a difference between them and the types of readings they offer?

Mediums often work platform in Spiritualist churches or other venues where groups of people can gather. Due to the highly emotional nature of their work many also offer private one-to-one sessions. Although most are gifted psychics they will not include predictions or information on future events in their readings. A medium is a channel between the earthly plane and the spirit world and their gift is to share messages from loved ones who have passed over. In doing so they offer comfort and reassurance to those who have experienced loss and give proof that ‘life’ continues beyond our earthly existence.

If you want to receive a message from someone in the spirit world remember that a medium is not able to call forth a particular person. They are only ever able to communicate with the spirits who approach them. This can be frustrating especially if you really wanted a message from a beloved Great Aunt. However it may be that your Grandfather is the one with a meaningful message for you. Keep an open mind and trust your loved ones are giving you the message you most need to hear.

In order to verify their connection with the spirit world mediums will offer information specific to a particular person. They may describe an aroma or scent, quote a familiar phrase or mention a favorite item of clothing or jewelry. This is important as it helps ensure the spirit’s message is shared with the right person. A medium can receive messages in a variety of ways including Clairaudience (hearing the voice of the spirit), Clairsentience (sensing or feeling the spirit) or Clairvoyancy (seeing the spirit).

Psychics possess highly developed intuitive skills and extra sensory perception. Unlike mediums they use these gifts to help predict future events. If you are looking for guidance about a particular problem then a psychic reading is a good way to get to the heart of the matter. Most psychics are Clairvoyant, Clairsentient or Clairaudient but many are proficient in at least two. No matter how the messages come through they will help shed light on your current situation and give guidance about the best steps to take to move forward. Some may even use psychic tools such as Tarot cards, Crystals, Runes or Pendulums to strengthen their insight. Occasionally a psychic may pick up on the spirit of a loved one during a reading. They may sense someone around you but this is very different to the heightened connection a medium has with the spirit world.

Most Tarot card readers are psychic and simply use the cards as a way to expand their vision. It is possible to read the cards without having any psychic ability but when combined with second sight a Tarot reading is extremely powerful. Skilled Tarot readers usually have a preferred deck and will have a variety of card spreads on hand for specific questions. Decorated with distinctive imagery each card has a unique meaning. When drawn from the deck upside down or grouped with other cards this meaning expands and the resulting spread reveals detailed information about your situation. How the cards are interpreted will vary between readers. Tarot readers have a thorough understanding of traditional meanings but over time they develop their own personal connections with each card. This gives each reading a personal touch and allows the reader to look even deeper into whatever may be troubling you.

Psychic Friends Network: Hollywood’s Psychics to the Stars.

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – The Psychic Friends Network is back in Tinsel Town providing the spiritually insightful advice they are famous for and recapturing the wild success of its past incarnation as the darlings of the psychic advice industry. “Celebrity response has been amazing,” says Psychic Friends President Mike Lasky.

Setting up business in the official Emmys Gifting Lounge, PFN’s master psychics provided readings to some of Hollywood’s brightest new stars, including Dancing with the Stars’ Bruno Toniolo, Glee’s Vanessa Lengies, and The Closer’s Tony Denison. And the response was enthusiastic.

“It was spot on!” said Red Dawn’s Edwin Hodge. “Wow, she was so right on,” added CSI: Miami’s Khandi Alexander. Glee’s Vanessa Lengies termed her reading, “Very special and very unexpected.” And Parenthood’s Jason Ritter enthused, “Wow! That was amazing.”Following is the link for the complete list of celebrities, pictures and quotes:

The Emmy’s debut reaffirmed the Psychic Friends Network’s reemergence as a major force in the psychic services industry. Comments from top stars seemed to confirm PFN’s decision to reestablish its reputation as the “Psychics to the Stars.”

“It was great to have the legendary Psychic Friends Network back at the Emmys predicting what’s in the stars for the stars,” said PFN CEO Marc Lasky. “For scores of top TV and movie stars, as well as recording artists, the set of the original Psychic Friends Network became like a home away from home. So, in many ways, this has been like a family reunion.”

About Psychic Friends Network:

The Psychic Friends Network, Inc. (“PFN”) is a marketing and entertainment company providing on-demand psychic advice as well as daily and weekly horoscopes. PFN connects professional live psychic readers with customers via telephone (mobile and landline) and through their newly developed state-of-the-art online platform enabling interaction with video chat, voice or text chat.  During the 1990′s, PFN pioneered the psychic industry with memorable television/radio marketing and infomercials. PFN is re-launching the original brand on a new technology platform that will capitalize on the latest social media and video technologies to connect psychics with consumers.

To learn more about PFN, visit

What Are Divination Tools And How Do They Work?

Since the beginning of time humans have been fascinated with the ability to predict the occurrence of significant events. It is simply a part of human nature to question what the future holds in store. The art of divination has always shared a close relationship with the natural world and star gazing, observing animal behaviors and weather patterns are some of its earliest forms. Anyone adept at interpreting these signs, symbols and patterns was held in high esteem. As medicine men, wise women, oracles and shaman their role as spiritual advisors was essential within their respective communities. This still holds true today as around the world millions of people seek counsel and guidance from psychics skilled in divination.

Many forms of divination exist and although techniques have continued to change throughout the centuries the principle remains the same. Any tools used for the purpose of divining the future, whether they are nature based or man made, simply act as a gateway to higher consciousness. Tapping into this higher energy opens a psychic up to receiving messages and information from spirit. These messages are communicated in a variety of ways including: Clairvoyancy (seeing), Clairaudience (hearing) and Clairsentience (sensing). In order to strengthen the clarity of these messages many psychics will incorporate divination tools in their work.

Tarot cards are perhaps one of the most familiar divination tools. They got their start in the early 12th-13th Century as a game of chance. However, it wasn’t long before their beautiful and mysterious illustrations were used as a way to tell the story of past, present and future events. Each card has a symbolic meaning but skilled Tarot readers build their own unique relationship with the cards allowing for more personal, detailed and insightful readings. The popularity of Tarot has given rise to the development of specialist Oracle cards. These decks help psychics tune into specific energies such as: Angel, Faerie, Power Animal, Dragon and Goddess. Different energies will give different perspectives on the same situation, for example Angel energy focuses on the bigger picture while Faerie energy is more concerned with day-to-day events.

Scrying is one of the oldest forms of divination. By gazing at flames, mirrors, pools of water, a crystal ball or smoke a psychic is able to enter a trance-like state. Images, thoughts and sensations will enter the psychic’s conscious mind more easily. When using a crystal ball, either clear quartz or amethyst is more commonly used as these help amplify psychic energy. Some psychics will combine smaller versions of these crystals with other forms of divination to create an even stronger pathway to the spirit world.

Even today, ancient forms of divination continue to be popular. The intricate I-Ching was developed in China around 2953-2838 B.C. by the Emperor Fu Hsi. It involves the casting of coins or sticks to gain insight on both long-term and short-term situations. Likewise the early Germanic tribes created a system of sacred writing known as Runes. Each of the 24 characters has a specific meaning and like the Tarot, these meanings change depending on whether the Runes fall in reverse and where they land in relation to each other.

When it comes to seeing future events and offering guidance on your current situation it really doesn’t matter what tools a psychic uses. The real gift of divination exists within the individual. Tealeaves, flower petals, playing cards, dice and watching birds in the garden, all have the potential to become powerful divination tools. Quieting the mind through gentle focus is the key that will open the door to ethereal realms.

Psychic Abilities: What Are They?

Look at any psychic directory and you’ll see most advisors use words like Clairvoyant and Clairaudient to promote their skills and services. While they may sound impressive what do they actually mean for you and your reading? Essentially psychic abilities are super-charged versions of our five senses: seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling. A sixth sense, also known as extra sensory perception or ESP, also exists in the form of our intuition. It may seem hard to believe but we are all born with some form of psychic ability. Of course not everyone will be able to communicate with loved ones who have passed over or pick up energetic impressions from inanimate objects, but everyone has some form of psychic gift. When it comes to professional psychics, however, these senses are highly tuned and developed.

Clairvoyance, which means ‘clear sight’, is the gift of psychic vision. It may also involve the ability to see colors and auras around people, animals or plants and vivid dreams and mental images could be a regular occurrence. Clairaudience is the ability to hear important messages from Spirit. These messages can come in a variety of ways such as hearing a certain word repeated on the T.V or a meaningful song may come on the radio unexpectedly. Many with this gift will also hear the voices of their Spirit Guides or those who have passed over. Clairsentience is very much connected to intuitive or empathic feelings and sensations. This powerful ability creates real physical and emotional sensations. Goose bumps, headaches, butterflies in the stomach or feelings of anger or sadness will assist the psychic in their connection and understanding of your situation.

Mediums act as a channel between the Earthly plane and the Spirit world. Their ability to communicate with loved ones who have passed over provides comfort and reassurance. Most mediums also have psychic gifts that help them establish a connection with spirit. For example those gifted with Clairscent will be able to smell things that have a special link with the departed such as; favorite flowers, baking bread or aftershave. These gifts are used as verification methods rather then as a means of predicting the future or exploring current situations.

Psychometry is a fascinating gift connected to the sense of touch. A psychometrist will receive intuitive information or impressions about a person or place through touching them directly or by handling a personal object associated with them. They may see images or feel strong emotional and physical sensations. Although not really used for psychic predictions it is extremely helpful in revealing past histories and connections.

Divination is the art of using psychic tools such as cards, tealeaves and crystals to predict future events. Most psychics will use these methods to enhance their readings, however they still receive messages through their own highly attuned senses. Any tools they use are simply a way for them to strengthen their focus and look more deeply into a situation.

Psychic abilities may manifest themselves in different ways but they always link back to one of the six senses. When it comes to searching for the psychic ability that best suits your needs, no one way is better then the other. As with any reading you have, the most important thing is feeling happy and comfortable with the advisor you choose to work with. Whatever their gift may be you can be sure they will do their best to get you moving in the right direction

Psychic Friends Network To Launch PFN 2.0

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – The Psychic Friends Network (OTCBB: PFNI) today announced that it has completed the beta test on its PFN 2.0 service menu and will now become the first psychic guidance service to offer full call-in, click-to-call, and instant message audio and video chat services.

The beta test “exceeded expectations in both quality and response,” particularly with the under-forty target audience, according to PFN CEO Marc Lasky. And the new 2.0 PFN menu will be available worldwide within the next 30 days.

“This is a major breakthrough in the psychic service industry,” Lasky said. “Up until now, psychic service providers had essentially stuck with the same menu of call-in services the Psychic Friends Network pioneered nearly two decades ago. In short, PFN has now re-invented the industry we originally invented.”

Lasky believes the new PFN 2.0 “full-service” menu will hold special appeal for the “Gen Y” audience the Psychic Friends Network is committed to reaching. He expects the social media aspect of the 2.0 menu to attract an audience of upwardly mobile “Millennials” who have grown accustomed to using hand-held devices on a continuing basis. The 2.0 service menu will include apps and IVR features exclusive to PFN, while continuing to offer standard telephone call-in services for more traditional customers.

“Our PFN 2.0 beta test has confirmed what we suspected all along,” said Lasky. “Today’s Gen Y’s communicate online at a rate that exponentially exceeds that of previous generations. And, they are far more prone to turn to spiritualism for guidance than traditional religion. The new 2.0 PFN service menu plays exceedingly well to both of those criteria for successfully cultivating and nurturing a Gen Y audience.”

According to a recent study by Junco and Mastrodicasa, 94 percent of America’s nearly 80 million Gen Y’s own a cell phone, and a full 76 percent use instant messaging. Gen Y’s spend an average of 38 percent more time on the internet than older adults and spend an estimated $1.5 billion annually online.

According to a Lifeway survey, 72 percent of the Gen Y audience 2.0 PFN is targeting say they are “really more spiritual than religious.” Some 70 million Americans now turn to horoscopes on a daily basis for spiritual guidance. And according to, in October 2010, an “Astrology” application providing horoscopes was ranked on of the “Most Explosive Facebook Applications.”

All of which would seem to bode well for the potential profitability of 2.0 PFN’s strong pitch to the online audience.

“We know we are on the right track, and we’re picking up speed every day,” said Lasky. “We believe that while continuing to serve our traditional audience with the standard telephone call-in service, PFN 2.0 will revolutionize the psychic guidance industry with its new online technology.”