Identifies Popular Paranormal Jobs

By Aries

As the time draws near for costume parties and Halloween, there is a renewed interest in the paranormal among the general public. Some take the paranormal a little more seriously on a year-round basis, through jobs like ghost hunter, medium, and metaphysicist, according to a new report on some of the most popular paranormal careers.

“A focus in the paranormal, spirits, strange phenomenon and other instances of the unexplained has grown, thanks to the success of television programs like Ghost Hunters, Beyond Belief and The Dead Files,” says Tony Lee, publisher, “Those who enter paranormal professions help differentiate the real thing from the dramatized.”

The work of people who delve into mechanisms we cannot currently explain may include laboratory experimentation, fieldwork, analytical studies, phenomenological approaches, case studies, surveys and historical research. They can aid clients experiencing everything from “uneasiness…to physical assaults” by researching and analyzing mysterious circumstances.

There are various types of jobs involved with the study of unusual events associated with human experience, such as historian, photojournalist and forensic analyst. If spending your days working with the unexplained has you tingling, suggests these year-round careers in the paranormal field:

GHOST HUNTER - This more specialized brand of paranormal researcher focuses on locating and discovering the reasons spirits or energies exist where they do.

MEDIUM/PARAPSYCHOLOGIST - The term medium is derived from the person’s middle man/woman status, relaying communication from the dead to the living.

METAPHYSICIST - Metaphysics is a philosophical outlook that strives for answers to the world’s unexplained mysteries.

BROADCAST AND SOUND ENGINEER - Electromagnetic phenomena is captured on digital recording devices and then analyzed on computers.

PHOTOJOURNALIST - Camera work is a vital component of the paranormal research field. Technological advancements require you to know your way around wide spectrum, high definition and thermal imaging cameras.

HISTORIAN - Understanding the history of a region helps to tap into the possible paranormal footprint.

FORENSICS ANALYST - The ability to collect and break down evidence from the scene of a possible paranormal event is essential, but requires the skills of a scientist.

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