Your Weekly Career Forecast for July 16-22, 2012

By Aries


What Lies Ahead for Your Career This Week?

No sun sign will have a dull moment at work this week. Those who can adapt to change and are patient with making revisions to plans that seemed to already be completed will be the winners are work this week. If you’re waiting for a raise or a new job offer, don’t be discouraged by delays in your answer. Those who can make the offer are also experiencing big changes and challenges that they must address first. Don’t lose heart.


The week of July 16 will be busy both at work and at home. While it may appear that everyone around you has “lost it,” your clear and powerful words can very well save the day. Let the emotional nonsense of Tuesday, July 17 roll by. By Wednesday, July 18, those causing problems will have a reality check. You’ll be back in charge by Friday.


By midweek you will find yourself being the voice of reason at the office. The people around you are on edge about all the changes in their own lives, at the office and in the world in general. After being the steady one for everyone else, relax on Friday. It’s your turn to finally deal with your own feelings.


While events at work are creating a great deal of confusion for everyone, you have a lot to gain from this obscure situation if you use your skills of charming talk and an inspired view of the future. By the end of the week you will be heard and appreciated after fixing several problems for others.


After some interesting events at work on Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday, July 18 is your day to bring heart and respect back to the work environment. Yes, your coworkers are a bit “crazy” these days. Your sensitive nature sees through it all and empathizes with each side.


While you are used to being the leader (reluctant or otherwise) at work, be prepared to also be the spokesperson this week, particularly on Thursday, July 19 and Friday, July 20. True friends who share your ideals will be excellent support as you speak for everyone in the work environment.


There is more of a focus on finances this week in your work environment. Virgos always win when it comes to these details as you are the master of the fine points that bring clarity and profits. Trusted friends at work will be helpful later in the week.


You continue to flourish in your leadership role, surprising yourself as much as anyone. You love to cooperate and collaborate, yet this is a period when your ability to see both sides of any issue is crucial to success in the workplace. You must speak up, particularly on Monday, July 16 and Friday, July 20.


While communicating your ideas will be your challenge the week of July 15, it will also serve you very well. You would certainly prefer to focus on your amazingly successful creative efforts this week, but it is a good idea to keep others “in the loop.” Tuesday, July 16 is the best day to share your plans with others.


Monday, July 16 is the perfect day to build your case on the great ideas and projects you have created. On Friday, July 20th, let others know the great flow of progress you are having. Expect some delays, but others are hearing what you have to say.


You are a bit tired of cleaning up the messes created from the irresponsible work of others. Just pause a moment and think about all the benefits coming your way and you won’t feel so aggravated. Those in power aren’t blind to “who’s doing what” and may thank you by midweek.


It’s really important to listen to others at the beginning of the week of July 16. What they have to say needs to be integrated into your amazing plans. About those annoying “money people”—sit tight and don’t challenge them yet. They have information that hasn’t been made available to you.


You absolutely have the inspiration that others need to hear this week, yet you have to wait until they are ready to listen. Others will be more ready to emotionally respond to what you have to say on Tuesday, July 16 and Wednesday, July 17. Let the “grand standers” talk at the end of the week. The truth will come out.

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