Psychic Friends Network To Launch PFN 2.0

By Aries

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – The Psychic Friends Network (OTCBB: PFNI) today announced that it has completed the beta test on its PFN 2.0 service menu and will now become the first psychic guidance service to offer full call-in, click-to-call, and instant message audio and video chat services.

The beta test “exceeded expectations in both quality and response,” particularly with the under-forty target audience, according to PFN CEO Marc Lasky. And the new 2.0 PFN menu will be available worldwide within the next 30 days.

“This is a major breakthrough in the psychic service industry,” Lasky said. “Up until now, psychic service providers had essentially stuck with the same menu of call-in services the Psychic Friends Network pioneered nearly two decades ago. In short, PFN has now re-invented the industry we originally invented.”

Lasky believes the new PFN 2.0 “full-service” menu will hold special appeal for the “Gen Y” audience the Psychic Friends Network is committed to reaching. He expects the social media aspect of the 2.0 menu to attract an audience of upwardly mobile “Millennials” who have grown accustomed to using hand-held devices on a continuing basis. The 2.0 service menu will include apps and IVR features exclusive to PFN, while continuing to offer standard telephone call-in services for more traditional customers.

“Our PFN 2.0 beta test has confirmed what we suspected all along,” said Lasky. “Today’s Gen Y’s communicate online at a rate that exponentially exceeds that of previous generations. And, they are far more prone to turn to spiritualism for guidance than traditional religion. The new 2.0 PFN service menu plays exceedingly well to both of those criteria for successfully cultivating and nurturing a Gen Y audience.”

According to a recent study by Junco and Mastrodicasa, 94 percent of America’s nearly 80 million Gen Y’s own a cell phone, and a full 76 percent use instant messaging. Gen Y’s spend an average of 38 percent more time on the internet than older adults and spend an estimated $1.5 billion annually online.

According to a Lifeway survey, 72 percent of the Gen Y audience 2.0 PFN is targeting say they are “really more spiritual than religious.” Some 70 million Americans now turn to horoscopes on a daily basis for spiritual guidance. And according to, in October 2010, an “Astrology” application providing horoscopes was ranked on of the “Most Explosive Facebook Applications.”

All of which would seem to bode well for the potential profitability of 2.0 PFN’s strong pitch to the online audience.

“We know we are on the right track, and we’re picking up speed every day,” said Lasky. “We believe that while continuing to serve our traditional audience with the standard telephone call-in service, PFN 2.0 will revolutionize the psychic guidance industry with its new online technology.”

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