AskNow Psychic Review


An online presence since 1995, AskNow have gone through several changes in management structure and quality control. Although still a relatively small company it is quickly gaining in popularity.

Types of Readings and Services

Both phone and online web chat readings are provided and Spanish-speaking advisors are available.

Services are only available to residents of the USA, Canada and the District of Columbia.

Topics covered include Money and Finance, Career and Goals, Spiritual Guides, Numerology, Astrology, Past Lives, Love and Relationships and Dream Interpretation.

A valid credit card is needed in order to register as a member.

Choosing a Psychic Advisor

There is no option to search for advisors other than by category. It isn’t possible to search by cost per-minute or to to look for psychics who use specific tools or have a unique reading style. Some people may not have an issue with this, but for others being able to refine their search and also work out a budget is important.

Each psychic has their own profile page with information about themselves, their gifts and how their readings can help. A few have also included audio and video clips. On the side is a smaller psychic profile, which highlights their name, ext. number, star rating, rate per-minute, years of experience, zodiac sign, languages and credentials. A few credentials include being an ordained minister and a charter member of the Astrological Society of Hawaii.

Customers are encouraged to leave Psychic Ratings, which are visible at the bottom of the profile page. Normally this is a great way to see what other people think of the service, but on AskNow several psychics had 5-star reviews from the same person on the same day. I counted as many as 11, which makes me feel uneasy about the integrity of their reviewing system.

Scheduling a Reading

If your chosen advisor is busy there is an easy option to arrange a call back from them at a time that is convenient for you.

Each profile page has a personal schedule for the psychic, allowing you to book a session with them. Of course you must be a registered member of the site in order to do this.

Pricing and Payment Options

Rates are the same for both phone and web chat readings. Prices range from $4.99, $5.99, $6.99 and $9.99 per-minute.

Payment is accepted from all major credit cards.

Information about billing was confusing as other rates are mentioned in their Terms and Conditions. Platinum Founders seem to be charged differently and Top Rated Psychics, Master Psychics and Elite Psychics are billed differently but nothing is made clear about this and what it means on the actual website.

There is a Platinum Program in which members receive 20 minutes per month for $40.00. This membership has a monthly recurring charge so make sure to read the fine print.

Special Offers and Freebies

Register with the site and get a free 5-minute phone or web chat reading. You will need to provide a phone number and valid credit card details.

The horoscope section offers a daily horoscope with sections on: Feelings, Love, Money, Mood and Style and Compatible Signs for Friendship and Love, as well as a weekly ‘lovescope’. Free horoscopes by phone and email are also on offer.

Visitors to the site are also given the chance to ask a psychic 1 question absolutely free. The focus can be on Romance, Tarot, Astrology or Money and the response is sent via email.

A free 3-card Tarot reading ‘game’ representing the Past, Present and Future is interactive and fun, with great explanations of the card meanings.

There is an extensive psychic blog section covering topics such as: Life Coaching, New Age News, Love and Romance, Family and Relationships, Psychic Readings and Numerology. Each post has quick links that connect with advisors specializing in those topics.

Psychic Screening Process

AskNow state their psychics are ‘screened, scrutinized, tested and handpicked by highly experienced Master Psychic Managers.’ According to them only a small fraction of applicants actually make it through the hiring process.

There is an online application form for anyone interested in joining their team, but no mention is made of test readings or interview processes.

The application FAQ says bad customer reviews can be removed at the manager’s discretion.

Support and Customer Care

Support is available 24/7and a toll-free number, email address and postal address are supplied.

Customers who feel they aren’t connecting with their advisor are encouraged to hang up and immediately contact customer service. Provided the complaint is made within 72-hours and is upheld, AskNow will credit the account up to 10-minutes to put toward another reading.

Overall Impression

The site is easy to navigate with lots of fun, entertaining and interactive elements. A great choice of free readings and a good introductory offer for new members. However, they could improve the search facility for their psychic directory. The review system may need to be looked at to make sure it gives a balanced and honest view to customers.