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What Are Divination Tools And How Do They Work?

Since the beginning of time humans have been fascinated with the ability to predict the occurrence of significant events. It is simply a part of human nature to question what the future holds in store. The art of divination has always shared a close relationship with the natural world and star gazing, observing animal behaviors and weather patterns are some of its earliest forms. Anyone adept at interpreting these signs, symbols and patterns was held in high esteem. As medicine men, wise women, oracles and shaman their role as spiritual advisors was essential within their respective communities. This still holds true today as around the world millions of people seek counsel and guidance from psychics skilled in divination.

Many forms of divination exist and although techniques have continued to change throughout the centuries the principle remains the same. Any tools used for the purpose of divining the future, whether they are nature based or man made, simply act as a gateway to higher consciousness. Tapping into this higher energy opens a psychic up to receiving messages and information from spirit. These messages are communicated in a variety of ways including: Clairvoyancy (seeing), Clairaudience (hearing) and Clairsentience (sensing). In order to strengthen the clarity of these messages many psychics will incorporate divination tools in their work.

Tarot cards are perhaps one of the most familiar divination tools. They got their start in the early 12th-13th Century as a game of chance. However, it wasn’t long before their beautiful and mysterious illustrations were used as a way to tell the story of past, present and future events. Each card has a symbolic meaning but skilled Tarot readers build their own unique relationship with the cards allowing for more personal, detailed and insightful readings. The popularity of Tarot has given rise to the development of specialist Oracle cards. These decks help psychics tune into specific energies such as: Angel, Faerie, Power Animal, Dragon and Goddess. Different energies will give different perspectives on the same situation, for example Angel energy focuses on the bigger picture while Faerie energy is more concerned with day-to-day events.

Scrying is one of the oldest forms of divination. By gazing at flames, mirrors, pools of water, a crystal ball or smoke a psychic is able to enter a trance-like state. Images, thoughts and sensations will enter the psychic’s conscious mind more easily. When using a crystal ball, either clear quartz or amethyst is more commonly used as these help amplify psychic energy. Some psychics will combine smaller versions of these crystals with other forms of divination to create an even stronger pathway to the spirit world.

Even today, ancient forms of divination continue to be popular. The intricate I-Ching was developed in China around 2953-2838 B.C. by the Emperor Fu Hsi. It involves the casting of coins or sticks to gain insight on both long-term and short-term situations. Likewise the early Germanic tribes created a system of sacred writing known as Runes. Each of the 24 characters has a specific meaning and like the Tarot, these meanings change depending on whether the Runes fall in reverse and where they land in relation to each other.

When it comes to seeing future events and offering guidance on your current situation it really doesn’t matter what tools a psychic uses. The real gift of divination exists within the individual. Tealeaves, flower petals, playing cards, dice and watching birds in the garden, all have the potential to become powerful divination tools. Quieting the mind through gentle focus is the key that will open the door to ethereal realms.

Psychic Abilities: What Are They?

Look at any psychic directory and you’ll see most advisors use words like Clairvoyant and Clairaudient to promote their skills and services. While they may sound impressive what do they actually mean for you and your reading? Essentially psychic abilities are super-charged versions of our five senses: seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling. A sixth sense, also known as extra sensory perception or ESP, also exists in the form of our intuition. It may seem hard to believe but we are all born with some form of psychic ability. Of course not everyone will be able to communicate with loved ones who have passed over or pick up energetic impressions from inanimate objects, but everyone has some form of psychic gift. When it comes to professional psychics, however, these senses are highly tuned and developed.

Clairvoyance, which means ‘clear sight’, is the gift of psychic vision. It may also involve the ability to see colors and auras around people, animals or plants and vivid dreams and mental images could be a regular occurrence. Clairaudience is the ability to hear important messages from Spirit. These messages can come in a variety of ways such as hearing a certain word repeated on the T.V or a meaningful song may come on the radio unexpectedly. Many with this gift will also hear the voices of their Spirit Guides or those who have passed over. Clairsentience is very much connected to intuitive or empathic feelings and sensations. This powerful ability creates real physical and emotional sensations. Goose bumps, headaches, butterflies in the stomach or feelings of anger or sadness will assist the psychic in their connection and understanding of your situation.

Mediums act as a channel between the Earthly plane and the Spirit world. Their ability to communicate with loved ones who have passed over provides comfort and reassurance. Most mediums also have psychic gifts that help them establish a connection with spirit. For example those gifted with Clairscent will be able to smell things that have a special link with the departed such as; favorite flowers, baking bread or aftershave. These gifts are used as verification methods rather then as a means of predicting the future or exploring current situations.

Psychometry is a fascinating gift connected to the sense of touch. A psychometrist will receive intuitive information or impressions about a person or place through touching them directly or by handling a personal object associated with them. They may see images or feel strong emotional and physical sensations. Although not really used for psychic predictions it is extremely helpful in revealing past histories and connections.

Divination is the art of using psychic tools such as cards, tealeaves and crystals to predict future events. Most psychics will use these methods to enhance their readings, however they still receive messages through their own highly attuned senses. Any tools they use are simply a way for them to strengthen their focus and look more deeply into a situation.

Psychic abilities may manifest themselves in different ways but they always link back to one of the six senses. When it comes to searching for the psychic ability that best suits your needs, no one way is better then the other. As with any reading you have, the most important thing is feeling happy and comfortable with the advisor you choose to work with. Whatever their gift may be you can be sure they will do their best to get you moving in the right direction

7 Useful Tips To Help You Make The Most Of Your Psychic Reading

Whether you have a psychic reading in person or over the phone it’s important to make the most of it. It can be difficult to know what to do especially if the experience is new to you. Do you sit back and say nothing for the entire reading? How many questions are you allowed to ask? Is it a good idea to give false information to test the psychic’s accuracy? Time is precious and readings can become expensive so you don’t want to do anything that could interrupt the flow of energy. However at the end of your session it is essential that you feel some sort of clarity about the steps you need to take next.

The first step to ensuring you have a successful reading is to choose a reader you feel drawn to. Many online psychic sites have extensive directories showing each advisor along with a list of their skills and abilities. There is very little point opening up to a person about a heartbreaking situation when you don’t feel comfortable with them. Also make a note of each psychic’s specialist areas. Although you may instantly like a particular reader, if they only offer guidance on lost pets and you’re looking for career advice, it probably isn’t a good match.

You may have a ton of questions you want to ask about: past loves, new romance, possible promotion, career change, going back to school, family issues and financial concerns. Be clear and concise in the questions you ask. There may be a lot on your mind but bombarding a reader with a slew of questions will only confuse the reading. When a psychic advisor is able to focus their attention on a specific question, or a maximum of two, then the information they provide will have more depth and meaning. Its pointless to quickly address several questions as no real insight can be gained.

Probably the most difficult aspect of having a reading is to be realistic and prepared to hear the truth. It is frustrating to want something so badly but discover it’s not destined. A professional psychic advisor will not hold back from telling it like it is. Of course any information they share will be done so with love and compassion, but telling someone what they want to hear is unhelpful and over time can cause emotional damage. This isn’t to say that everything you are told in a reading will come to pass. Always remember you have free will and the power to make the changes you want in your life. If you are unhappy with the way a particular situation is going, work with your advisor to see things from a new perspective or explore ways to move in the direction you want.

There is a common misconception that you shouldn’t share any information with a psychic. This is not the case! Talk, share and be open. Even the most experienced of psychic experts find talking with clients essential in terms of building up energetic connections. Letting you advisor know what’s troubling you right away will also save time and help them focus the reading much more quickly. Remaining silent or withholding information can cause all sorts of frustrations. Psychics pick up on the energy around you. Unless they have a clear indication of what you want to discuss they can easily find their attention distracted by a completely different issue. You may want to talk about rekindling a romance but what the psychic is picking up on is difficulties around work. Of course if a psychic does nothing but ask questions chances are they aren’t genuine, however it is perfectly acceptable and beneficial to engage in dialogue.

When contacting a psychic make sure you create the proper ambiance. There is nothing more detrimental to an insightful, profound reading then having it interrupted by doorbells, family members, another phone ringing or the boss! Worse still if you decide to ring from a mobile phone while on the train or bus. If you have made the commitment to reach out for support and guidance then treat the experience with the respect it deserves. Creating a relaxing, calm atmosphere will help the psychic tune into you even faster. Hectic and unsettled environments create unstable and chaotic energy. Being distracted can also result in you missing vital pieces of information.

Take notes and ask questions. Whenever you have a psychic reading it’s a good idea to have a pen and paper close by. A huge amount of detailed information can be given in a short space of time. Even a 10-minute reading can provide you with enough insight to make positive life changes. The real problem is remembering everything that’s been said. This isn’t a case of writing things down word for word. Jotting down key points is perfectly fine. If something doesn’t make sense or you missed something your advisor said then ask them. Many people feel too shy to ask for further clarification but there is absolutely nothing wrong in doing so. If something isn’t clear then you will be left wondering what it means. Being confused and unsure is how you should begin your call, not end it!

Above all, be prepared to take action. Sadly many people speak with their psychic advisor and then sit back and wait for everything to unfold. Life does work this way. If you want something then you must work at it. It may take more time then you hoped and be a much harder journey then you expected but the only change in your life comes from – you! The real benefit of having a psychic reading is to identify emotional blockages and other challenges that hamper your progress. A good psychic will identify these issues and work with you to release them, so you can eventually achieve your goals.

What Everyone Ought to Know About Addictions

Addictions are real

First off, addictions are very real. Whether it is a serious addiction, like to drugs or alcohol, or even if it is an addiction to something like video games or shopping, we all must realize how real and life altering they can be.

When someone has a true addiction, it can get to the point where they feel they have no control over their addiction. And in some cases they may actually have very little control over what is going on with their addiction. Many people get to the point where they are literally controlled by the addiction.

This may be a psychological dependence (they don’t know how to handle the stresses of life, etc without their addictive drug or activity). Or this may actually become a physical dependence. Many drugs are physically addictive. Our bodies can get to the point where they can’t function without them.

Again, whether someone has a literal physical addiction, or an emotional dependence on a particular drug or activity, we all (the addicts themselves and those around them) must understand that addictions are very real, with very real causes, and consequences.

There are many different types of addictions

There are many different types of addictions. When many of us think of the word addiction, our minds immediately go to substance abuse. Addictions to alcohol, drugs (both illegal and pharmaceutical), and smoking. But those are not the only types of addictions that people suffer from.

While alcohol and drug addictions may be some of the most common addictions, many times with the most serious effects, there are other addictions that are just as real. Addictions to shopping, gambling, food, video games, pornography, the Internet, etc are growing in occurrence and severity.

There are now support groups (many of them patterned after the 12-Step Program of Alcoholics Anonymous) that have been created specifically for overeating, gambling, and even shopping addictions. Again, it is important to understand that, even if an addiction isn’t substance related, it can still be very serious.

You must get to the root of the problem

Addictions have many different causes. One person’s addiction may be completely different than what caused another to become addicted to the very same thing. It is not just that someone “fell in with the wrong crowd.” Understanding this is important, because in order to overcome an addiction (or help a loved one overcome an addiction), you must get to the root of the problem.

Again, addictions are caused by many different things. Some experts believe that addictions are genetic, meaning that an individual was born with a genetic predisposition to that particular thing. They believe that once that person comes in contact with that substance, they will (because of their genetics) become immediately addicted to it.

Others believe that we inherit personality traits that give us the predisposition to become addicted… an “addictive personality.” Many others believe that it is each person’s individual personality and experiences that lead them to their addictions.

Either way, it is important to work to identify and address whatever the causes were for that particular person developing the actual addiction. It is not enough to simply address the addiction. You can’t just keep them away from the substance or activity for a prolonged period of time and assume that without exposure the addiction will completely go away. In most cases, if you are not also addressing what lead that person to the addiction in the first place, odds are the addiction will come back.

An addict can’t do it alone

No addict can overcome an addiction alone. This is important for the addict to understand, as well as for their loved ones around them to understand. Some addicts may even need to seek out professional help to overcome their addiction. Either way, a support system is a must when trying to beat an addiction.

The purpose of trances and their use in psychic readings

When you speak to a psychic medium, you might find that she or he needs to enter a trance-like state in order to communicate with people on the other side – but what exactly is a trance?

A trance can be defined as when an individual slips into a different state of consciousness. The idea behind entering a trance is to gather information, whether it be from a spirit guide or another otherworldly spirit.

Many individuals enter trances and allow other spirits to use their bodies to communicate in our world. In some instances, spirits may be able to use the body of a psychic medium to speak to other people in the room, divulging important information or direct messages.
If you’re interested in learning more about the process and why trances are beneficial during psychic phone readings, don’t hesitate to speak to your medium. Your medium can tell you more about trances, as well as other tools of communication that can be used to reach the dead. In the end, you’ll be more knowledgeable on the subject and may get more out of your readings.